Рентгенология & Радиология, 2014, LIII 194-203

Dose management as a measurable criteria into the quality control programme of an imaging diagnostic clinic

  1. Kirova, E. Georgiev, C. Zasheva, S. Georgiev


In the Radiology Department of Tokuda Hospital Sofia, a strong control over the radiation dose for all patients was accepted with the implementation of the Dose Watch software. The system allows bad practices to be discovered and improves the efficiency and quality of the CT procedures performed in the department. The article will briefly demonstrate the main steps, which have been done, and the results, which have been achieved. The purpose is to identify the challenges, the available tools, and the opportunities for improving the patients’ dose in the CT sector of a general Radiology Department. Collected data was based on the information concerning the radiation dose absorbed by individual patients undergoing MDCT examinations in a general radiology department with an overall annual rate of around 7000 MDCT examinations. All of them were carried out using a single 64row MDCT system. The hospital logbook was used to identify the number of CT examinations and dose levels associated with some typical diagnostic procedures in order to make an analysis. The information was taken form the PACS and Dose Watch software and was analyzed. The article draws some measures towards improving the organization and reducing the dose, keeping the quality of the performed exams. Thanks to the supportive software for dose tracking, analyzing and reporting, some problems have been solved and some reasonable measures have been implemented into the daily practice.