Рентгенология & Радиология, 2015, LIV 17-21

SPECT/CT in the assessment of bone scintigraphy in staging of patients with oncologic diseases
A. Tzonevska, M. Dimitrova, S. Stefanov


We aimed to assess the role of single photon emission computed tomography-computed tomography (SPECT/ CT) for characterizing nonconclusive lesions, observed by planar WB bone scintigraph and to evaluate the impact of SPECT/CT on oncologic patient management. Data from 269 patients with oncologic diseases who had undergone WB BS for staging and 29 of them with nonconclusive lesions, passed SPECT/CT of a selected volume, were retrospectively analyzed. Planar scintigraphy and SPECT/CT images were independently evaluated in separate sessions to minimize recall bias. Among the 269 WB BS, in 37 patients multiple bone metastases were confirmed. In 161 patients degenerative lesions in the skeleton were defined, 42 patients were with normal bone scan and in 29 patients the results were nonconclusive for bone metastases. The fused scan after SPECT/CT imaging confirmed bone metastases in 11 (38%) patients with 27 new metastatic lesions and benign degenerative lesions in 18 patients. SPECT/CT is better than planar WB BS for characterizing
equivocal lesions that are observed by bone scintigraphy, thus SPECT/CT can
have a significant impact on patient management in staging the oncologic disease.