Рентгенология & Радиология, 2015, LIV 117-121

Tuberculous iliopsoas abscess in a HIV positive fеmale patient
I. Elenkov, T. Tomov, D. Strashimirov, P. Genov, P. Stefanov, M.Yankova, N. Yancheva, S. Dineva, I. Alexiev, M. Nikolova, D. Beshkov, T. Tcherveniakova

Patients with HIV can often present a diagnostic challenge and may have atypical presentations of more common diseases. This case demonstrates а HIV (+) patient with an advanced immunosuppreession with tuberculosis complaining about 2 months before admission to the hospital of backache, anorexia and weight loss. On investigation she was found to have unilateral tuberculous psoas abscesses, diagnosed microbiologically and with a CT scan. Complex treatment (surgical, tuberculostatics, antiretroviral) was performed with a good effect. A review of the literature shows that this is a rare presentation of an already unusual problem, with subtle signs requiring a high index of clinical suspicion. However, with HIV-positive patients more likely to present with extrapulmonary tuberculosis, there is need for increased awareness of this diagnosis.