Рентгенология & Радиология, 2016, LV 184-187

US and MRI by simple fetal ovarian cyst – a case report

  1. Hadjidekov


Fetal ovarian cysts are one of the most common abdominal cysts occurring in female fetuses. Differential diagnosis in these conditions is clear – they could be mistaken for genitourinary cysts, gastrointestinal cysts, lymphangiomas and fetus in fetu. The presence of a daughter cyst is pathognomonic for a cyst of ovarian origin. Fetal ovarian cysts could be simple or complicated, uni- or bilateral. Complications such as torsion or hemorrhage may mascarade a mass with a solid component . Usually most fetal ovarian cysts resolve spontaneously and the goal of ovarian preservation in surgery is required as primordial. Despite of the good prognosis the exact diagnosis and the knowledge of these conditions is essential in prevent unnecessary interventions. In this case report we present a 30gw women with female fetus presenting with a cystic abdominal mass with US and MRI appearance of ovarian cyst.