Рентгенология & Радиология, 2018, LVII 57-61

Angiographic assessment of v. cava inferior haemodynamics in intra abdominal pressure syndrome in rats

  1. Turiyski, A. Tolekova, R. Ardasheva, N. Sirakov, K. Velkova,A. Kristev


The current study considers haemodynamical disorders in v. cava inferior induced by increased intraabdominal pressure in rats. 36 mature male rats Wistar were divided into two groups: control (16 animals) and model group (20 animals). Intaabdominal pressure of rats from model group was elevated to 25 mmHg by insufflation of air. The rats were anesthetized and injected with Omnipaqueiohexol (0.2ml/kg) through venflon inserted into tail vein. Exposures were performed at any 15 seconds in face projection (rats have been fixed „on back“) for period of 10 to 20 minutes. X-ray apparatus Opera T-90 was used with following parameters: 46 kV, 300 mA, 0,12 s, 320 mAS, 640 mS at focus length of 70 cm. Delayed contrasting of v. cava inferior has been observed in rats with intra abdominal hypertension (IAH). The deviations of hemodynamic parameters in IAH rats have an additive character and are developed over the period longer than cardiac cycle. The increase of intraabdominal pressure causes immediate disorders in abdominal venous blood circulation on the background of relatively stable arterial haemodynamics.