Рентгенология & Радиология, 2018, LVII 197-201

The role of echography for evaluation of carpal tunnel

  1. Georgiev, V. Karabinov, M. Apostolov, V. Grudeva


With the development of new technologies and improvement of functions of the apparatus, ultrasound research becomes more and more popular in everyday practice, with new methods and areas of investigation. In the last decade, ultrasound examination of the carpal tunnel has become more accessible in ambulatory practice. There is already strong evidence in favor of echography as a new method for diagnosis of carpal tunnel diseases. It is available as an initial diagnostic test for carpal tunnel syndrome due to the near sensitivity and specificity to electromyography, but it has the advantage of being faster, better patient tolerance, lower cost and additional ability to determine carpal tunnel anatomy. Echography has the preference over the other imaging studies, making it the first choice for initial assessment of soft tissue structures in the carpal tunnel in the ambulatory practice.