Рентгенология & Радиология, 2018, LVII 285-289

Vulvar cancer – treatment results analysis linked with the type of external beam radiation therapy, age of the patients and tumor factors

  1. Lalova, I. Mihaylova, V. Parvanova, R. Ivanova, G. Chakalova


The purpose of this study is to summarize the treatment results in patients with vulvar cancer who performed postoperative external beam radiation therapy for the period of 10 years (from 2006 till 2016). Retrospective analysis of 50 patients at the age of 34-87 years divided in two comparable groups – below 68 years and above 68 years. Analyzed by T, N stage, degree of malignancy (G) and by the type of equipment used. Doses <50Gy were applied in 31 patients and ≥50Gy were applied in 19 patients (mean dose 53.5Gy). 74% of patients were treated with orthovoltage radiotherapy, due to the lack of high-energy radiotherapy equipment in that period. From all followed patients, 25 (50%) has died from vulvar cancer, with the following characteristics: stage T1 – 8%, stage T2 – 52%, stage T3 – 40%; N (+): 68% and N0: 32%. Concerning the age: below and above 68 years, the mortality rate was 36% vs. 64%. Regarding the patients who have died, 68% were treated with orthovoltage radiotherapy and 32% were treated with the linear accelerator. Regarding the applied radiotherapy, 60% of patients who received a total dose <50Gy has died and 40% of the patients who received a total dose ≥ 50Gy, has died. Unsatisfactory treatment results are associated with the presence of N (+), orthovoltage type of applied radiotherapy, age above 68 y.o. and total dose <50Gy.