Рентгенология & Радиология, 2010, XLІХ 31-35

Ultrasound elastography of the breast

G.Hadjidekov, V.Groudeva

The aim of this study is to share the initial authors’ experience and to review the literature data in ultrasound elastography of the breast. Ultrasound elastography is a noveltechnique that visualize a map of tissue stiffness. The interest in elastography is due to the presumption that malignant lesions are harder than benign and the assessment of the tissue elasticity may be a complementary method for lesions characterization. Dedicated image software presents the different degree of tissue deformability, usually colour coded. The determination of the region of interest is special part of the proper technique. Different Grading scales are proposed. The potential of the ultrasound elastography is estimated in better characterization of lesions classifi ed BI-RADS III and avoidance of unnecessary breast biopsies.