Рентгенология & Радиология, 2011, XLХ 221-224

A rare case of chondroblastoma of the proximal tibia

  1. Gecov, I. Terziev, R. Hristoskova, G.P. Georgiev, P. Kinov, P. Tivchev

Abstract. The authors report a rare case of chondroblastoma which was localised in the proximal tibial epiphysis in a 14- year-old boy. The lesion was evaluated with routine roentgenography and computer tomography. The imaging techniques revealed eccentric lesion, predominantly in the medial part of the bone, periosteal reaction in the metaphysis, calcification and sclerosis. After diagnostic evaluation including biopsy, the lesion was treated surgically with curettage and grafting. He was followed up for two years with routine radiographs and physical examination. Two years after surgery the patient had no recurrence, no pain and had nearly full range of motion of the knee. Roentgenographic characteristics of the disease as well as differential diagnostics are discussed. In conclusion, imaging techniques should be supplemented with an open biopsy for the final diagnosis.