Рентгенология & Радиология, 2011, XLХ 317-319

Herniated bladder diverticula
K. Tsvetankov, Iv. Plachkov, M. Dimova, Tz. Dobreva, G. Hajidekov,I. Brezoev

We present a case of herniation of the urinary bladder in 69yearold patient as an accidental finding during intravenous urography. CT examination was performed in order to confirm the distribution of the herniated diverticula in the groin and to assess its position in relation to the adjacent structures. Herniation of the bladder is a rare condition – 1–3% of all inguinal hernias involve the bladder. Most bladder hernias involve the inguinal and femoral canals, with the latter more frequent in women, and a predilection for the right side has been reported. However, herniations through ischiorectal, obturator, and abdominal wall openings have also been described. Any portion of the bladder may herniate, from a small portion or a diverticulum to most of the bladder.