Рентгенология & Радиология, 2012, LI 77-79

Rotatio ventriculi
А. Rizov, Т. Toneva


Two cases of stomach rotation at 180 degrees around the vertical axis and at 180 degrees around the horizontal axis are presented. The classical clinical triad typical of volvulus ventriculi is missing. The rotation is counterclockwise – from left to right and from the bottom up. Because of this pars digestoria ventriculi is located to the right of the spinal column, whilst pars egestoria ventriculi is located at the upper left quadrant of the abdomen. The stomach shadow is an arc configuration – opened downwards. The lowest located parts are the fornix and bulbus duodeni andthe highest part is the stomach fundus, located immediatelyunder the left diaphragm cupola. The stomach is fixated in the abdomen through six superficially fascia and three deep fascia and the blood vessels of the stomach.The conducted surgical intervention in one of the patients andthe established pancreas cyst in the second patient probably are the factors determining the change in the location and configuration of the stomach.