Рентгенология & Радиология, 2012, LI 119-122

Renal computed tomography angiography Part II: Renal CT phlebography. Renal veins variants
M. Al-Amin
, M. Krupev, I. Plachkov, V. Hadjidekov



The changing trend in renal surgery, transplantation and minimal invasive urology implies preprocedure evaluation of renal veins. Developement of imaging methods offers new possibilities for venographic visualization. The goal of this study is to present authors experience in visualization of renal veins using 64 MDCT and to evaluate the utility in assessments of their variants. 128 patients (68 females and 60 males, mean age 53,3) with urologic complaints underwent 64MDCT examination including CT angiography. Contrast enhancement includes 3-4ml/sec injection flow of 90 ml contrast medium followed by 20 ml saline at the same rate. In 23 out of 128 examinated patients some of the common variants of the renal vein is found. 64 MDCT angiography visualize very well renal veins and becomes method of choice in preoperative assessment ofrenal vein anatomy.