Рентгенология & Радиология, 2013, LII 36-43

Multidetector computed tomography –virtual bronchoscopy
E. Gagov

MDCT virtual bronchoscopy (VB) is newly developed technique which allows noninvasive visualization of both lumen and wall of the trachea, as well as the proximal part of the bronchial tree. The generated images are equal with the images seen on the fiberoptic bronchoscopy (FB). Though the technique is not yet performed as a daily clinical practice and it can never replace FB, performing VB can be useful in certain clinical cases, mostly as fast and non traumatic screening in patients with tracheobronchial tree pathology. This paper illustrates the parameters for evaluation of the bronchial stenosis and the main reasons for acquiring it, like bronchogenic carcinoma and processes causing external compression. Here are discussed the capabilities of VB to diagnose the anatomic malformations and variants, the assessment of tracheobronchial pathology in children, and the possibilities for better orientation in transbronchial biopsy as well as pre- and postoperative evaluation. VB can be used not only for diagnostic purposes, education and research but also for teaching and learning tracheobronchial anatomy the same way it is visualisad in FB.Virtual bronchoscopy may never replace FB, but this noninvasive method allows to be used as screening procedure and in certain situations it can help and direct fiberoptic bronchoscopy.