Рентгенология & Радиология, 2013, LII 124-128

Unusual cystic pancreatic neoplasms – image-pathological correlations

  1. Hilendarov, E. Simova, G. Deenichin, A. Petrova1 N. Traikova

Abstract. The aim is to present the variety of signs and symptoms from the diagnostic imaging methods of atypical neoplasms of the pancreas, presented as a type of cystic lesions. This often leads to unnecessary surgery or inappropriate tracking. In 115 patients (85 men and 30 women) with cystic lesions of the pancreas ultrasonic (US),computer tomographic (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were performed and verified through histological and macroscopic pathology preparations. The ultrasound machines equipped with linear and convex transducers, MDCT and MRI imaging systems were used. In 14 of 115 patients atypical neoplasms of the pancreas were diagnosed: two cases with macroscopic serous cystic neoplasms, two nonmucinous cystic neoplasms, two hemorrhagic mucinous neoplasms, two ductal adenocarcinomas with cystic changes, one islet cell cystic tumor, two lymphoepithelial cysts, one lymphangioma, one solid papillary epithelial neoplasm and one mucinous adenocarcinoma. The autors take into consideration and overlapping of clinical symptoms and laboratory tests. Although much of the imaging features and morphological characteristics of cystic neoplasms of the pancreas are well known, should be known about the atypical unusual images in so-called “typical” cystic neoplasms, cystic images in solid neoplasms and various atypical tumors with cystic lesions.