Рентгенология & Радиология, 2013, LII 139-141

Aeroportia in aortic dissection

  1. Dineva, D. Kioseva, E. Andreev, N. Houbanov

Abstract. Portal venous gas was found in a patient with abdominal pain of unknown origin and anamnesis of lithotripsy and fibrogastroscopy. Acute renal failure and observation of acute pancreatitis from physical examination make abdominal MDCT without vascular enhancement obsolete. MDCT findings include portal venous gas, mesenteric venous gas and intestinal pneumatosis without any obvious changes in the examined part of the aorta with unenhanced CT protocol. This case is interesting because diffuse distribution of hepatic gas is difficult tointerpret with the history of previously performed fibrogastroscopy. Unenhanced MDCT makes it even difficult to evaluate the leading reason for this condition.

Key words: Portal venous gas. Aeroportia.Aerobilia.Aortic Dissection. Acute bowel ischemia