Bulgarian Association of RADIOLOGY

A non-profit scientific association representing radiology specialists practicing in Bulgaria.


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Уважаеми колеги,
Имаме удоволствието да ви поканим на 8 ноември на научно събитие, посветено на денят на рентгенологията.
Темата е “Ниско дозови протоколи за КТ “ и се организира съвместно с GE HealthCare и екипа на клиниката по образна диагностика в Болница Токуда.
Лекцията е отворена и безплатна за желаещите. Необходимо е само да се заяви присъствие, което може да стане по телефон, с SMS или Viber на номер 0885 388 328 / Gergana Suturska –
Regional Manager Contrast Media Софарма Трейдинг/


We work for Bulgarian radiology

Bulgarian Association of Radiology (BAR) is the successor of the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Radiology, Radiology and Radiobiology, founded in 1937.

BAR brings together various medical disciplines practiced by physicians with the appropriate medical specialties and subspecialties: radiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiobiology and radiation protection, as well as interventional radiology.

Assistance in introduction, distribution, implementation and development of modern achievements in the field of imaging diagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiobiology, radiation protection and related specialties.

Implementation of activities for the development of scientific research and assistance in the professional development of specialists in the field of imaging diagnostics, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy.

Supporting the achievement of modern imaging diagnostics, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and protection of the professional rights of persons working in these fields.

Scientific events

International Day of Radiology

18th Congress of the Balkan Society of Radiology

Summer Heartbeats Cardiac MRI Course


Join our community

The membership in BAR is voluntary and open to Bulgarian legal entities and Bulgarian and foreign individuals who work in the field of medical specialties related to imaging diagnostics and the use of ionizing radiation in medicine, as well as to other medical and non-medical specialists.


Roentgenology and radiology

“Rоentgenology and radiology” is an official scientific publication of the Bulgarian Association of Radiology.


Roentgenology and Radiology

“Rоentgenology and radiology” is an official scientific publication of the Bulgarian Association of Radiology.