About us

The Bulgarian Association of Radiology is a non-political, professional, scientific association with an ideal purpose, uniting persons working in the field of imaging diagnostics, interventional radiology and other related medical and non-medical specialties – nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, radiobiology, radiation protection and medical physics.

Association Structure and Bodies

The Bulgarian Association of Radiology structure consists of the following bodies: General Assembly, Executive Bureau, Control and Revision Commission, Ethics Commission.

Executive bureau

President: Prof. Nikoleta Traykova

Vice Presidents:
Assoc. Prof. Mariya Nedevska
Assoc. Prof. Chavdar Bachvarov
Prof. Silviya Tsvetkova

Scientific secretary: Prof. Dora Zlatareva

Editor-in-Chief of “Rentgenology and Radiology” Journal: Prof. Vassil Hadjidekov

Representative for North Bulgaria: Dr. Vanya Ribarova
Representative for South Bulgaria: Dr. Tsvetelina Djendova

Congress President for 2024: Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Georgiev