Collective bodies

Collective members

Bulgarian Society of Interventional Radiology President: Prof. Stanimir Sirakov
Bulgarian Society of Neuroradiology Prof. Dora Zlatareva; Assoc. Prof. Marin Penkov
Bulgarian Society of Cardiothoracic Radiology President: Prof. Kameliya Genova
Bulgarian Association of the Radiographers in Image Diagnostics and Therapy President: Chief. Assist. Petranka Gagova
Bulgarian Society of Nuclear Medicine President: Assoc. Prof. Pavel Bochev
Guild of Bulgarian Radiotherapists President: Prof. Tatyana Hadjieva
Organization of Young Radiologists in Bulgaria „Radiology together“ President: Dr Gloria Adam Radiology Together - Who are we? Presentation Radiology Together

Working groups and commissions

Judicial Ethics Commission
Scientific Committee
Control and Revision Commission